I have 6 years of experience

in the areas of web and product design & development. I have a BA from Brown University with a background in the humanities and multimedia art. I have consulted and worked in media, digital agency and start-up environments. I have significant cultural and market insight in Latin American tech and music industries. My work draws extensively from my experience in UX, market research, digital media trends and obsessive podcast listening.


I have developed, debugged and maintained large-scale editorial and client websites. In all of my years of work, content research and curation has influenced significantly the direction of each project, always parting and returning to the business and user's needs. I have designed and developed custom HTML/CSS/JS interactive microsites for editorial features, as well as customized Wordpress fields and plugins and other CMS development. For six years I have worked with and mastered SEO, Google Analytics, Adsense tagging.

As a market-research analyst for tech companies, I have been responsible for developing Latin American databases and CRM databases based on analytics and focus group data. For this role, I have designed and developed digital initiatives for web, social media, corporate sales and user base growth. This has come with significant experience setting up and maintaining integrated analytics solutions.

I have done extensive HTML5/CSS3 (and previous versions) website design & development, QA testing, server configuration, integration and deployment. For over 5 years I have mantained a server, Web hosting and domain controlling over a hundred art and commerce projects. I have partaken in all aspects of a digital product lifecycle. The majority of my project has been achieved through close collaboration with a plethora of talent, ranging from back-end developers, to engineers and UX and design teams.

Recent Gigs

I have strong command over the entire life cycle of agile development
and can quickly learn new tools and adapt to a wide range of CMS, tech needs and industry specifications.

Front-end Development

Developed lead-generation websites primarily focusing on front-end design and development (HTML, Javascript, CSS) Translated design requirements into websites and web applications for major browsers and platforms. Designed UI/UX following creative direction from Design Team.

Product Development

Development of large-scale HTML/CSS/JS interactive editorial products and client interfaces for web. Progressive feature design & development, editorial feature landing pages, content curation, image optimization,DB management and CMS admin. SEO, Google Analytics, Adsense tagging.

Market-Research Analysis

Analyzed data for user-driven product UI improvements, market sales and UserBase growth in South America. Worked with database CRM, data analysis and market research. Developed digital initiatives for web, social media and corporate events in different Latin American countries.

Do you want to hire me?

I am open to all kinds of work possibilities.

Insights & Analytics

I have insights in market analysis, analytics tools, site metrics, QA testing, customer feedback and usability findings. I can quickly understand the business needs of a diverse range of companies and brands. I excel at identifying issues and creating compelling concepts by developing detailed wireframes, mockups, storyboards and prototypes to effectively communicate interaction and design ideas to a multidisciplinary team.

I favor function over form. I have a natural inclination towards simplification and pursuing user-centric approaches to interactive visual designs and products. As a detail oriented individual with a passion for innovation, I am adept at understanding user behavior and needs, then analyzing and implementing the best designed solution.

Other Projects